Wednesday, November 25, 2009

R-12 Dreams Smack into R-3 Reality!

This was me when I initially comprehended that my first R-12 attempt was likely going to crumble into failure after a meer three months. Well, that's not really accurate. As you can see by the date stamp in the bottom left of the photo, it was taken over three years ago. So just imagine this is me, because it represents a sorely vexed me. So it may not be an accurate photo of me, but it represents the truth nonetheless.

Why have I given in so soon? A victim of the crud. I suppose I could have bulled through. Today would have been the day (Sunday, November 22), but I just wasn't willing to jam it in while still not completely healthy. I want to stay well. So I considered other options.

Wait! What is R-12? It is an award given to randonneurs who complete a 200k or longer brevet every month for each of twelve consecutive months. See my previous post about the R-12 challenge.

I could take a day off work on Novemer 30 to cram it in. Naw, not worth it and too much going on at work. I could consider canceling going away with DartreDame for Thanksgiving, and do it any of those four days. Naw, I want to whisk her away, or be whisked away. Whichever it is, I want it.

So guess what? I'm giving up after three months, and I'm going to restart in December.

Now if you came here for inspriation, I've obviously failed you today. I am not exhibiting that killer randonneur passion for completing an objective, damn the torpedoes! But if you'd like a very good and inspiring post about a serious R-12 contender who faces unique R-12 challenges and other bad magic and who...well you'll have to read it to see...then go to this R-12 account. The post includes an unusual homemade video to start and a very funny old movie clip to close. Well worth it.

And that's, as Edith Ann (Lily Tomlin) used to say, the Truth!

Keep it going...or start again,


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  1. Sorry to hear that you're having to re-start your R-12 quest. I'm going to attempt it myself, starting in January (I think I'll start with the Leschi-Auburn-Leschi permanent in Jan). Hopefully, it's not too lofty a goal, since I'm an absolute rando newbie.