Friday, June 12, 2009

If you're not out cycling...

What do you do?

You could jump on the rollers as I am doing in this picture.

Or you could go randonneuring vicariously, via electrons. I'm talking blogs!

We bloggers are not bashful, so if you want tips, ride reports, equipment reviews, or goofy flashes of insight that only come on after too many kilometers in the saddle, then check out the blogs.

One or two will become your virtual pals, and you’ll go into rando withdrawal without your daily fix!

So, here’s a list of some of my favorites. I choose ones that tend to have pretty regular postings. For me, that keeps me coming back. You can also find my favorites in my “Blogs to pique your curiosity” to the right of this posting*.

For the most part, these bloggers keep their posts on a roll or have added interest by their sense of place, poetry, keen observation, stunning photography, diversity of media, or other such creativity:

· Kent’s Bike Blog (not actually about randonneuring, but too good to ignore)
· Dr. Codfish Chronicles
· formerly floyd speaks
· Randonneurextra
· Research Trailer Park
· Alaska Randonneurs
· The Daily Randonneur
· Spokesong
· mile 43
· cycling in seattle
· Alex Wetmore is always busy with something…

Keep clicking curiously,

*I have my favorite blogs sorted to display in order of most recent posting.


  1. Hey Curious,

    Thanks for the blog plug. If folks follow the link on my blog, they can find my page with a bunch of rando stuff I did before I wound up spending all my weekends running the bike shop!

    BTW, I rode behind you and your friend for a bit on Mercer Island yesterday evening (your SIR jersey and rando bags and fenders caught my eye). You two turned off just before the East Channel bridge while I kept going on to Issaquah.

  2. Hi Kent

    I caught a presence out of the corner of my eye of someone peeling away as we turned to do the Mercer Island Loop. Didn't look closely to see who it was.

    That's funny because we almost dropped in to see you as we left for our ride. We can literally coast all the way from our house down to Bike Works...we're that close! We didn't stop because we were in a bit of a hurry to get back last night.

    My wife is looking to do her first century, and we're considering the Seattle Century. Our question for you is whether you think that is a good first century for her? She did 75 miles a few years ago, and has no trouble going around the Lake Washington loop. Seems like the Seattle Century is fairly mild as Centuries go. Waddya think?