Thursday, June 4, 2009


Gotta love sitting in the sun at a cafe AFTER a ride! Pramila, my wife is very happy, and her friend, Andrea on the right, graciously shares the moment.

We are at Tutta Bella's pizza joint in Columbia City.

Pramila and I had just ridden around Lake Washington, the first time for her. It had been one of those lurking fears--whether she could do it or not--that just disipates once conquered.

"Yep, I just rode around Lake Washington, thank you very much" is the proper translation of Pramila's glowing face. Don't you love that face?

I particularly do today, because Pramila is returning home tomorrow after six days in D.C. that includes her emcee'ing a Town Hall today with 700 folks including members of Congress. This is the launch of the nationwide Reform Immigration for America campaign put together by a coalition of immigration organizations.

Pramila's organization OneAmerica is a statewide immigrant rights/human rights organization that is absolutely amazing. Check them out!

Isn't it funny, our fears?

Pramila was a little afraid of the ride around Lake Washington yet thinks absolutely nothing about being the Emcee for a huge national event that includes certainly-not-egoless members of Congress on one of the most controversial topics in America today.

And what's up with our deep fears of immigrants? We need them, they need us. Isn't that what we learned as children: that we need one another?

I'm proud of Pramila. Her fears, her overcoming her fears, her fearlessness at fighting injustice.

Which is why my face will be beaming with the broad smile when she returns home tomorrow!

And imagine if you will the faces of immigrants and the rest of us once we pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform once and for all. It will be like sitting in the sun again.

Keep it curious...and smiling...and in and around that fear place too,


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