Sunday, August 28, 2011

Abondoned, yet Honored

In case you hadn't seen the results, I abandoned after Carhais on the return to Paris, unable to get my feet/shins/ankles to carry me down the roads. More on that another day.

Honored though is how I now feel about the whole Paris Brest Paris experience. It was a true joy to cycle the beautiful country roads that are France. It was a delight to be the recipient of such sweet smiles and serious cheering on by villagers. And it was such fun to connect with cyclists from around the globe.

I am well, touring Paris with my brother, his wife, and Dartre, and I am eager to tell the tales another day soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who cheered us on. Every good wish was meaningful!

The photo is of Dartre and an unknown French finisher who badly wanted Dartre and I to know that he was 74 years old! I'm so glad we went to the finish to welcome folks back. What a kick!

Keep it joyful,



  1. Congratulations on all the riding you did! Well done!

    You ride the ride you can ride, whether it's 1200 km or 50 km like I did today. It's all good.

  2. Congrats, Steve. I also take away dear memories from 2007<, though I also abandoned at Carhaix on the return.

    I also feel honoured to have had the chance to participate and treasure all the great fanfare provided by the people of France.

    Are you considering a return in 2015?

  3. 74 years old eh? That settles it, I'm going back.

    Set your countdown clock for PBP 2015, I'll need you to lead me around the course. (That is i'f you can stand to ride that slow).

    Dr C

  4. Looking forward to reading your retrospective post. I'm sure you learned a lot and I'm eager to read what will surely be an awesome post.

    And to add to what Janice posted. Don't forget that you finished an SR series along the way. That's no small feat!

  5. Job well done, sir. You took on one of life's greatest challenges, and came away with a victory. It isn't the miles or the medal, it is the pursuit and the joy, both which you have related well here. 4 years, who knows.....

  6. Experience PBP is priceless, and it's people & culture that attract us to come.

    Maybe see you next time. :-)